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Greetings CPA Family! My name is Gabrielle Hollinshead and this is my first year here at Charleston Progressive Academy. I am excited to be teaching your 3rd graders this school year. I am born and raised right here in Charleston, SC and graduated from Burke High School! Go Class of 2008! I received my Bachelor's degree in Family Consumer Sciences at South Carolina State University. I recently completed my Master's degree in Elementary Education a the University of Phoenix. Some of my hobbies include shopping, cooking, reading, and having a great time with my daughter Parker. Please feel free to stop by and join us for some great learning.

Contact Information

Email: gabrielle_hollinshea@charleston,

Phone: (843)720-2967

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:45am-2:45pm

This Week's Updates & Assignments


Monday- Spelling Choice board, Contractions worksheets and read for ten minutes.
Tuesday- Spelling Choice Board, read for ten minutes, and Open Court worksheet.
Wednesday, Spelling Choice Board, read for ten minutes, and Open Court Review worksheet.
Thursday- Spelling Choice Board, read for ten minutes, and Plural Worksheet. 
*Please review Reading Journal daily*
 ‚ÄčSpelling Words 

List A             List B

highlight         right

knight             saw

highway          six

even                sleep

might              take

need               their

trees               them

student’s        this

they’ll            too

I’ve                two

  • Math

MATH Weekly sheet
*Due on Friday!*