Mrs. McCaskill's Class

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Hi!! I'm Mrs. McCaskill

I am so excited to be teaching 3rd grade here at Charleston Progressive Academy.  This year is going to be full of fun and learning!! It is so important to keep communication open and I would love to talk to you whenever you feel the need.  

Contact Information


Phone: (843) 720-2967

Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. from 7:10-7:30 and M, T, TH, F  from 11:00-11:40

This Week's Updates & Assignments

  • This weeks spelling words:

1. important 9. engine
2. cannot       10. badge
3. children          11. ginger
4. wife       12. arctic
5. gentle       13. adapt
6. giraffe       14. tundra
7.        15. behavior
8. stage       16. pelt

Please click the link below to access tonight's math homework:

Math Homework Sheets


   Username:  kenyahill
   Password:  123456