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Mrs. Shaw

My name is Mrs. Laura Shaw and I am entering my 6th year with the Charleston Progressive Academy family. Teaching is my first love and I discovered this during my 10 year dedication in the US Navy. My husband and I have two awesome sons, one attending college and our oldest completing his education and serving in the US Army. I believe that students should be taught through actions, not just words...both academically and socially. I also believe in order to touch their minds, we must first touch their hearts, and it is my daily commitment to my students and my parents.


Phone: (843) 720-2967

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

This Week's Updates & Assignments

STUDENTS ARE REMINDED TO PLEASE READ, review all journals,  AND PRACTICE Their MATH facts NIGHTLY. This week we will be reviewing MAP scores and helpful strategies. At home students should be practicing multiplication/division facts and reviewing math and ELA journals nightly.  Please check Class Dojo daily.  

Monday - Daily math/ELA spiral review. Read for 30 minutes.  Students are continuing to collect BoxTops and bottle caps, thanks for your support. 

Tuesday DAILY MATH/ELA SPIRAL REVIEW. Read for 30 minutes.

Wednesday DAILY MATH/ELA SPIRAL REVIEW. Read for 30 minutes.

DAILY MATH/ELA SPIRAL REVIEW. Read for 30 minutes. 

Friday - No Homework on the Weekend, but our leaders know that the more we read, the more we succeed. Please read DAILY and practice your math facts


Class Dojo

Mrs. Shaw